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Privacy Policy:
1. Cookie Policy:
This website uses cookies. These cookies are used to personalise content and advertisements,
in order to provide social media features and for us to analyse our website traffic. We share this
information with our partners and/or sponsors, who may combine it with other personal data
they have collected. If you continue to use this website you consent to our cookies.
2. In case you visit our website, request our services or order our products, the following
privacy policy applies.
With this privacy policy, Rage of the Rampage Festival (hereinafter ROTR) would like to explain
how we utilize and use your personal data. If you have any questions regarding this privacy
policy, please contact us at
3. In this privacy policy, the following terms or definitions are used:
Account : Your personal registration via website or other apps with which you access this
particular service.
Devices: The devices, such as PCs, MACs, Smartphones or Tablets, with which access
can be obtained to the service.
Content : Information (including audio-visual material such as trailers, photos and videos)
that ROTR makes available as a part of this service.
Service : The complete package of services that ROTR offers to you. Example, websites
and apps, personalized newsletters, the account, but also the similar events and the
services provided at the event.
Personal Data : Any data whereby ROTR can directly or indirectly trace or distinguish
you. For example: Name & Surname, E-mail Addresses, IP Addresses.
Advertising Network : A Real-Time Bidding Network offers advertisers the opportunity to
purchase advertising space through an auction. To optimize advertising, advertisers and
RTB networks place cookies. By these cookies, you are tracked and targeted to visit our
website again by retargeting system and even other websites that are connected to the
same network.
RAGE OF THE RAMPAGE is owned and operated by Radio Culture Inc., its subsidiaries and
affiliates (“ Rage of the Rampage ,” “ ROTR ”, “ us ,” “ we ,” and “ our ”). This privacy policy (the
“Privacy Policy”) explains the Website’s information gathering, use and sharing practices,
including what information is collected, how that information is acquired, maintained, stored,
shared and/or used, and how you may access and update certain information you have
provided to us. This Privacy Policy is independent from our partners offline personal data
collection practices. This Privacy Policy will explain how we protect your information and what
choices you have about how it is stored or used.
For some features and services available on the Website, we either collect and transfer
personal information to an online/offline third-party service provider or use an online/offline
third-party service provider to collect information for us.
In some cases, you also may elect to visit third-party websites through links on our Website,
whereby those websites may collect and use your personal and other non-personal information.
Affiliate 1: GENERAL
General Terms and Conditions:
These general terms and conditions, apply to every legal relationship between a consumer or a
client (hereinafter: the visitor) and an Organiser with regard to the visiting of the event with a
ticket, the purchase of a ticket and the related purchase of a product and/or service (of Third
Visitor :
The visitor of the event, or the person who buys a product and/or a service (of Third Parties)
related to the event, according to the meaning of the provisions of these terms and conditions.
The visitor is always a consumer who is not acting in the course of a profession or running of
business, or on behalf of these, and is the party designated by law as the “other party”.
Third Party(s):
Every party that sells a product or provides a service related to the event, not being the
organizer or otherwise part of the Radio Culture group;
Any event, single- or mulit-day, in- and/or out-doors – including a festival and any associated
camping or staying facilities – organised by the organisers in Alvania at its own expense and
risk and for which this Organiser uses these terms and conditions in relation to Visitors;
The organizing company, which articulates these General Terms and Conditions on the
grounds of Albanian Civil Code (??) in relation to the Visitor for whom this company is
responsible in every aspect and the contracting party of the Visitor. The Organiser has activities
of its own, such as the Website and/or Event.
An admission ticket that provides the Visitor the right to attend the Event. This can either be a
physical ticket or a digital ticket with barcode.
Each website of the organiser as exploited and offered by the legal entity concerned, on which
the visitor can find information about an Event and on which or through which the Visitor can
buy Tickets and related products and/or services of third-parties.
Article 2 – Accessibility and Application of these General Terms and Conditions
2.1 The General Terms and Conditions are applicable if the visitor visits an Event with a Ticket,
purchases a Ticket and/or a related product or service (of Third Parties) on the Website. The
terms and conditions are declared applicable prior to the Visitor’s purchase of a Ticket and/or
product or service. By purchasing a Ticket, by visiting an Event with a Ticket and/or by buying a
product and/or service (of Third Parties) on the Website, the Visitor accepts these General
Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions also apply if the Ticket, regardless of
the manner, was acquired through a third party.
2.2 The organiser is Radio Culture L.L.C and is registered on ???, Germany. This is also the
visiting address of the organiser. The chamber of commerce number of the organiser is: ???.
The VAT number of the Organiser is ???. The Organiser can be contacted during office hours
on the following phone number: ???. In addition, the Organiser is available via email through the
following email address:
2.3 The General Terms and Conditions are electronically available on the website and the visitor
is able to store the terms and conditions in order to access them at a later point in time.
2.4 During the purchase of a product and/or service (on Third Parties) the visitor is responsible
for paying the commission to that service (including ticket) and this does not and will not legally
force the event organiser to pay for any of tickets commission to any visitor.
2.5 These General Terms and Conditions solely apply to private persons and specifically
exclude parties acting in their capacity as professional contracting parties in relation to the
Organiser. The legal relationship between the Organiser and a professional contracting party is
subject to alternative terms and conditions.
ARTICLE 3 – Amendment or Addition Terms and Conditions
3.1 The organiser is set all times entitled to amend or complement the General Terms and
Conditions. The amended version will in that case be published online. As of the date of
publication, the amended terms and conditions, will immediately be applicable. If an amendment
or addition significantly affects the rights or obligations of the Visitor, the Organiser will either
notify the Visitor of the amended terms and conditions by way of email or by clearly bringing it to
the Visitors attention during the visit of the Event and/or the official Website.
3.2 If the Visitor visits the Event and/or purchases a Ticket or products and/or services (of Third
Parties included) on the Website after amendment of or addition to the General Terms and
Conditions, the Visitor thereby irrevocably accepts the amended or complemented General
Terms and Conditions. If the Visitor does not wish to accept these amended or complemented
General Terms and Conditions, the Visitor must immediately cease the use and visitation of
Website and/or Event(s) or the purchase of the Tickets or products and/or services (provided by
Third Parties) on the Website.
All persons attending Rage Of The Rampage Music Festival do so at their own risk. No liability
is assumed by the owners, managers, promoters, sponsors or others associated with this event.
Rage Of The Rampage is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, theft, loss or damage of
personal property or personal injury. (here-in-mentioned epilepsy-related or other chronic crisis
attacks or even death.) The Festival will be using a very high level of dB sound and powerful
lighting system including strobe lights.
Upon entering the venue, you accept your likeness (pictures/videos) may be used as
promotional material used by Rage Of The Rampage Festival.
● No refunds, no exchanges – no exceptions.
● The event is indoors so no refunds will be given for any temporary outside evacuation. In
the event of severe weather, the bands, festival promoters and public safety officials will
decide the best course of action for all festival attendees.
● Due to high dB level and strong lights, ROTR is NOT pet-friendly.
● No guns or any weapons are allowed onsite, including pocket knives. Items will be
confiscated and not returned.
● No outside food or drinks are permitted into the festival grounds.
● Festival wristband must be in sight at all times. Anyone found inside the festival grounds
without a wristband will be removed from the venue.
● Wristbands void if tampered with or removed.
● Everyone, including personal belongings, is subject to search upon entry.
● Rage Of The Rampage Music Festival reserves the right to refuse and/or revoke any
ticketed admission without refund.
● Do not remove your wristband unless you are not returning to the festival.
● Tickets obtained from sources other than Rage Of The Rampage, may be lost, stolen or
counterfeit, and in such case will not be honored. It is unlawful to obtain admission by
fraud. All such admissions or attempted admissions will be prosecuted to the fullest
extent of the law.
● Anyone on the festival grounds without the proper ticket or wristband is subject to arrest
and fines up to $1,000 for trespassing.
● Have your ID with you at all times. You will need it to purchase tickets and alcohol. Rage
Of The Rampage Music Festival has a zero tolerance on underage drinking. Even after
securing a 21 and over wristband with your ID, you may be subject to showing your ID
again to bartenders or festival police/security at any time.
Chairs will not be allowed in designated areas and in the general admission area of the
In-site Festival Policies
● No party is allowed to reproduce, print, sell, promote, give away, or solicit ANY items or
property that bear the name(s) or logo(s) of the FESTIVAL AND/OR THE
ENTERTAINERS IN WHOLE OR IN PART. Anyone doing so is infringing on Trademark
rights and jurisdictions and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
Rage Of The Rampage Music Festival reserves the right to confiscate ALL contraband
● No professional recording (photo, audio, video) equipment. No detachable zoom lenses,
tripods or other commercial equipment is allowed without express written consent from
Rage of The Rampage management.
● Please be advised that by attending the event you are implicitly agreeing that Rage Of
The Rampage may use any photos taken of you by our photographers for promotional
purposes, and your image may be used on our website, TV spots, or printed materials.
● Law enforcement officials and event officials are empowered to make arrests and evict
festival-goers from the site without refund for any action that is in violation of law or
actions that could jeopardize the enjoyment of the event by others.
● Any violation of the above policies will be subject to having your wristband removed and
being escorted from the festival and/or campgrounds with no refunds and subject to
fine(s) according to state and local ordinances.
● Irresponsible use of alcohol.
● Public nudity or obscene clothing.
● Accessing the restricted areas without proper passes.
● Taunting, abusive or disruptive language and obscene or offensive gestures, imagery or
If an individual participating in this behavior is uncooperative or a persistent offender, he/she will
be removed from the venue site and festival wristband revoked. In certain situations, the
offender may be arrested.
● Urinating in public (anywhere other than a proper restroom).
● Fighting or engaging in any action that may harm, endanger, threaten or bring discomfort
to anyone.
● Engaging in sexual behavior in public.
● Possession/use/sale of illegal drugs or weapons of any kind.
● Damage, destruction, vandalism or theft of any property.
An individual participating in this behavior will be IMMEDIATELY removed from the venue site
and festival wristband revoked.
There will be no receipts issued for any confiscated/surrendered items. You will be searched at
the entrances and upon exit from the festival site.
Surrendering of banned items:
There are certain items that will not be permitted on our site for safety and/or commercial
reasons, but which are generally lawful off site. Our ticket conditions and conditions of entry will
show these items as banned on all of our platforms.
If you bring these items to site, you will have to surrender them. No receipts will be given, the
property will be destroyed. You will not get them back so please do not bring them in the first
Banned Items:
● Aerosols over 250ml
● Air horns, Megaphones or all other noise-making equipment
● Alcohol for personal consumption from the outside
● Hand-held lasers
● All gas canisters of any size or volume (including nitrous oxide)
● Animals and/or Pets
● Any goods for unauthorised trading/ with unauthorized Rage Of The Rampage logos
● Any items which may reasonably be considered for a use as a weapon
● Audio Recorders
● Bags larger than A4 Size (8.27” x 11.69”)
● Cameras, film or video equipment with lenses above 6 inches
● Drones
● Firewood
● Fireworks or flares
● Football club flags
● Paper Lanterns
● Any object containing glass
We have a formal eviction policy on-site for festival attendees seen displaying, or inciting,
inappropriate, offensive or illegal activity or behaviour.
Unacceptable behaviour that can lead to eviction includes, but is not limited to:
● Illegal activity
● Offensive behaviour
● Throwing of objects in the direction of people
● Encouraging others to behave badly by incitement
Preventing our security or emergency services reacting to a situation
We as Rage Of The Rampage organisers, take evicting very seriously and have spent a lot of
time reviewing our eviction policy with Tirana’s Police Department.
If a person is once evicted, he/she will not be permitted back by any chance. Instead, will be
offered a phone call to a friend or a family member on site to inform about your current state.
We reserve the right to record behaviour for evidential purpose using CCTV cameras around
the site and other recording devices. By choosing to come to the festival site, this will be seen
as acceptance of this and any footage will be given to the police department for court purposes.
Persons evicted once, will have an extra supervision during the other times they are inside the
site of another event.
Persons evicted twice, will automatically go in the black-list, and this will result with a permanent
life-time ban for Rage Of The Rampage project.
Rage Of The Rampage does not condone the use of drugs. Drug enforcement laws are as
applicable onsite as anywhere else in Albania and it is, therefore, illegal to buy, sell or possess
All drugs are potentially dangerous, there are no harmless drugs. The only way to avoid risks is
to not take drugs at all. This goes for new psychoactive substances (known as “NPS”).
We still want our festival visitors to know that you can come to us for help if you or your
friends need it, without fear of getting in trouble at any time.
Always be honest with medics and welfare teams about what you have consumed so that
they know how to properly help you.
● Drugs Advice:
We do not recommend you take drugs, but if you do please bear the following in mind:
● You don’t know the strength of what you might be taking.
● You don’t know how your body will react towards a drug.
● Remember that tolerance levels vary and you may not have the same tolerance level as
your friends.
● There are drugs in circulation in Albania that have a very strong dose of active
● There are drugs in circulation in Albania that can take a long time to take effect – don’t
ever assume that you are immune to them.
● Mixing drugs with other illegal drugs / alcohol / prescription drugs can be very dangerous
and mixing is behind many drug-related deaths.
● Cheap does not mean weak.
● Pure does not mean safe.
● Treat all drugs as uknown.
● Take regular breaks if you are dancing, exercising or in a hot part environment and
rehydrate with cold water or soft drinks – take small sips regularly but don’t drink more
than one pint an hour. Have a rest regularly to cool down.
● Having an isotonic drink can help if you have been drinking a lot of water.
● Use in a safe environment, with people you trust and never alone.
● Always be open with your friends about what you are taking. Ask for their help if you
need it.
● You can talk to the medics team onsite in confidence at any time and they will have
drugs advisory staff to help you.
● If you do use substances to sleep, sleep on your side and avoid alcohol or other drugs
which can depress your breathing (like ketamine, etizolan or benzo drugs) as it can be
easy to overdose or choke if you are sick in your sleep.
● If you need help from the medics, we guarantee that neither you nor your friends will get
in trouble. Ask for help if you need it and don’t wait – getting help early can save lives.
● We will take firm action in conjunction with the local Police department to arrest people
suspected of selling any type of drugs onsite.
● There is under-cover staff onsite.
● If someone offers you drugs, please report them to the nearest member of security with
as much information as you can.
● Pace yourself.
● Try avoiding getting too intoxicated in unfamiliar situations You can lose control, make
risky decisions and become less aware of danger.
● Alcohol and other drugs can and will impair your judgement. Don’t feel pressured into
doing anything you are not comfortable with.
● If you are having a bad time or struggling but don’t feel you need medical attention, try
consulting with your friends first.
● If you need medical attention, visit the Medics as soon as possible or ask the nearest
member of staff to help you.
● If someone becomes unconscious or unresponsive, put them in the recovery position (on
their side) and seek immediate medical attention by alerting the nearest member of
● Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks or mix them.
If you are drinking from early in the day, try to stick to drinks with a lower ABV.
● Alcohol is the most common substance used to spike drinks. Never leave drinks
unattended and don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
● Mixing alcohol with drugs has been a common factor in some recent drug-related
overdoses and deaths connected with festivals.

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