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Let us introduce you to “Rage of the Rampage”, an electrifying concert which will shake Tirana on December 20th 2019.


Rage of the Rampage is an invitation to always be pumped, full of energy and adrenaline, ready to feel the rhythm and enjoy every second.

Rage of the Rampage is the new “Carpe Diem”.


Hiding behind this great event, are two very creative and visionary guys, who specifically chose Tirana, this paradoxal metropol that loves the noise but doesn’t know much about electronic music. Rage of the Rampage is the first step to non commercial music, educating the public and an unusual event; a huge step that promotes the art that absolutely everyone needs to know about. The size of this event crosses the borders of imagination.


“I never sleep ’cause sleep is the cousin of death” NAS said, and these two guys turned it into their motto, applying this catchphrase into what they are offering, not only in Tirana but in all Balkans.

World famous DJ’s, a never seen before in the Balkans stage, many plans that include the future of electronic music in Albania and beyond; this is the life of a professional and energetic team that will bring you this amazing event, Rage of the Rampage.


With patience and our vision, we are bringing here ,      ,      ,     , changing once and for all the culture of music, while introducing the public the real art and also bringing you this great event and many more after this.


Save the date! Be there for the Rage of the Rampage!

Be part of the new era of music!

Catch the rhythm and RAGE!

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